Icona bicchiere

Stimulate your imagination and learn to describe wine by following your senses and letting the aromas transport you. A wine’s bouquet is of utmost importance and reveals a lot to us when tasting.

Learn how to describe what you smell in your glass in your own words with Giulia’s guidance.

Icona bocca

Discover how to bring out the flavors of a dish by creating the perfect food and wine pairing. Even a simple recipe can turn out to be interesting with the right match.

There are no strict rules, just a game of finding the right balance and contrast. Learn the essential basics to make original pairings and follow your intuition!

Icona Occhio

Enjoy the unique experience of visiting the vineyards and wine cellars to see for yourself the connection between wines and the places where they are produced. Meet the winemakers and listen to their original anecdotes.

Experience a unique and unforgettable moment by viewing the breathtaking vineyard-covered hills and discover the hidden gems of Tuscany.


Let’s create your wine moment together !